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Become a Member Unity of Arlington

Unity of Arlington is a loving, thriving spiritual community that honors all paths to enlightenment.

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Why become a member of Unity of Arlington?

Membership is not required for attending services or serving at Unity of Arlington.

However, we encourage it as a way for an individual to commit to his or her own spiritual growth, and make meaningful connections with other like-minded people in faith. We'd love to have you join us as an official member!

  • Becoming a member confirms to you and your spiritual community that you are committed to living a life of love, abundance, and meaning.
  • It affirms a sense of commitment to personal spiritual growth, ownership of your individual beliefs and a willingness to make a difference.
  • Membership at Unity of Arlington helps to transform any old feelings of “not belonging.” Many of us arrive at Unity from other traditions having searched for a place where we feel at home. Embracing membership affirms, “I belong!”
  • Committing to membership is a public affirmation that says “I walk my talk” setting an example for others in living a positive life.
  • Only members can participate in voting on important church matters.
  • You become a part of the growing group of people who are living consciously and actively making a difference in the world.

About our Membership Classes

Membership Classes are required to become a member.

Our minister, Rev. Anne Tabor, offers the classes periodically throughout the calendar year. Classes are offered in two parts and will cover: Unity Basics, Unity Prayer, and Membership Basics. There will also be a time for questions and discussion. To become a member, attendance is required at both classes. 

Interested in attending out next membership classes? Let us know.

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